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  2. Amazing Italian Fashion exhibit at V&A

  3. Doodles on an old plant pot! #handmade #poscapens Do the faces look familiar?

  4. Promotional piece completed. #fashionillustration #illustration

  5. Early morning sketching. #wip #fashionillustration

  6. Just got home to this! Feeling very proud ❤️

  7. Just completed this fashion illustration- experimenting with combined digital/hand drawn techniques.

  8. Sketching #atmydesktoday

  9. Making cushions with lovely Marimekko fabrics. #handmade #marimekko

  10. Recently I went to see the wonderful Artist Textiles exhibition at the Fashion & Textiles Museum.  Mum and I wandered around Bermondsey, nosing around the little shops, cafes and bars.  It’s such a fantastic area of London with all its arty and culinary delights, and has a peaceful and community feel to it, which is just lovely.

    The exhibition itself was brilliant, I would highly recommend it if you are interested in textile and fashion design.  It was inspiring to learn about the lesser-known textile work of famous artists like Andy Warhol, Picasso, and Joan Miro.  The pieces were beautifully displayed alongside mannequins showcasing the fabrics crafted into pretty dresses and outfits.

    A highlight was an insight into the world of textile artist Sarah Campbell (pictured).  There was a room dedicated to her, with beautiful displays of her decorative sketches and pattern designs.  They are all hand drawn and painted, which is lovely to see, when a lot of pattern work is now digital.  There was also a video which showed the artist’s techniques and working process.  I love her vibrant use of colour, and how she draws inspiration from the beauty of nature.  You can learn more about Sarah and her work here.